Sunday, March 4, 2018

Something like 30%-40% of any school is hallways. How are you using yours?

Inspiration is everywhere. The other day we were at Ikea learning about their culture and something really caught my eye. What if we used our hallway spaces for something like this? What if we used the walls as places to show learning and inspire others?

Ikea Hallway
  • Ikea is just about seventy years old, seventy! Along one of the employee hallways, there is a very long timeline. Each section is dedicated to one year in the life of the company.

School Hallway
  • What if you created something like this? The topic could be a book. Each chapter or section the kids could create something that represented what they just heard or read. Each day or week the timeline grows. 
  • What if you did this with social studies? A science concept? Ways to solve equations?
  • What if you didn't do any of the work at all? What if the kids created every bit of the display?

Missouri History Museum
Last week we saw almost the same idea in a training room at the Missouri History Museum. The timeline was established and events were added as new things were learned. 

These two ideas could be mashed together to serve any number of curriculum ideas in the classroom and creatively displayed in the halls. 

How might you take this idea and grow it?

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