Monday, March 26, 2018

Rain + Parking Lot = STEM

Where the two surfaces meet.

While it was raining today we took a field trip to the parking lot at Dressel. In the image above you can see two different surfaces, one appearing wet and the other looks normal.

On the right side of the image, it is just regular concrete. You can see the water starting to pond a bit and is running off into some unseen drain.

The water just disappears! The great thing is this area of the parking lot allows the water to drain slowly back into the ground. Check out this image that illustrates what is going on below the surface.

If you showed this image to the kids, what would they think is happening? Would they know why MSD requires these parking lots?

STEM is everywhere, even in the places we never notice. Where else do you see STEM in your classrooms? How might you help kids prepare for the world by showing them things like this parking lot?


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