Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Reading with my ears - free from the county library!

So many books... make more time!

Too many great books to read and so little time. I started to listen to books at the gym and in the car because there was just too much down time.

I used to buy tons of books on tape and CD but after a few months all that starts to add up to serious money.

Did you know that you can download all kinds of audiobooks on your mobile devices? All you need is a St. Louis County Library card and a little storage space on your device. I'm also pretty sure every single student was just issued a new card just last week, why not get them listening before break!

Getting Started
Download and log into Hoopla.
Also check out Libby, the newer version of OverDrive, for additional audiobooks from the county library.

Download and click hoopla.
It should ask you to login with your county library account.

Click the search button or you can choose a category below.

I searched for Freakonomics and this is what I found.
I then clicked on Super Freakonomics.

Click BORROW if this is the book you want to listen to.

Click Play to start listening.
Concerned about streaming the book? Just tap to download so you can listen without being connected to the internet. 

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