Monday, December 4, 2017

Help! I need this paper turned into a PDF, how do I even do that?

Copy Center - Sperreng

Sometimes you have this one paper document laying around that you need to quickly send to copy center. Sending over the paper is possible but that takes time. Why not just use your phone to scan and send?

Make sure you have downloaded Google Drive on your mobile device.

Find and open Google Drive on your mobile device.

Click the plus symbol in the lower right corner.

Click Scan to open the camera.

1. Line up your shot.
2. Push the button to take the picture. Google Drive will then convert it into a PDF.

Use the little circles to crop the PDF just right.
Click the check in the lower right to save it to Drive.

It is now uploaded to your Drive!

When sending an email to the copy center plase include:
     subject line: 
          Copy Job for YOUR NAME (Copy Job Colin Davitt)
     body of email: 
          describe what you want in plain language
          make 75 copies of attached file on white paper. 2 sided. Stapled.

Make sure you have an email signature so the copy center can call if there are issues/questions with your job.

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