Tuesday, August 15, 2017

So I have these sweet ceiling speakers, now what?

Like you, my music tastes are pretty wide. One minute I'm listening to old punk and the next Taylor Swift. Sometimes these artists are not exactly classroom friendly. This post is dedicated to finding some great music to play over the speakers that won't cause any issue.

Top Picks
     Quickly play some mellow tracks on Google Play Music. Make sure you pay attention to how to toggle off the explicit lyrics, very nice. This same idea applies to Pandora but I can't seem to find the setting within Spotify.
     Piano Guys - a modern take on many original hits
     2cellos - similar to the Piano Guys
     Yo Yo Ma - classical instrumental music
     The Vitamin String Quartet - new versions of well known songs played on string instruments
     George Winston - mellow piano music

Don't forget to check out all the noise generators that are a click away. These range from white/pink noise to background sound that simulates a coffee shop. The idea is to generate just enough noise to help many in your room focus.
     One thing that might be missing from our alternative seating classroom - simple noise generator.
     Sometimes time off isn't a good thing - create a soundscape that makes your classroom feel like a coffee shop or a college library.

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