Sunday, August 27, 2017

Making a portable you.

There are times when you can explain something so well that you wish you could publish that somewhere to help the kids when they are at home. Other times it would be sweet to clone yourself so you could help with all the individual needs in your classroom.

Have you ever considered creating short video tutorials? It is wicked easy and very powerful to the kids who just need that extra little boost, attention or guidance.

This post will show you how to use Screencat-O-Matic and some best practice ideas to help you get started.

Things to consider before you begin recording:
    1. Have a plan. I usually keep a bullet point list of what I want to say to help guide the video.
    2. Keep it short. Short as in a handful of minutes.
    3. Watch your video before you publish it. This is the best way to catch your mistakes.
    4. Patience. It takes a little time to perfect the art of video creation.
    5. Discovery. How will the students know where to access the videos you need them to watch?

Getting Started

Find the download and double click to install.

Click FREE Recorder to launch.

Screen is usually automatically selected. This means anything within the dotted lines will be recorded.
Click the red Rec button in the lower left to begin. 

You should see a red pause button and a timer when you are recording your screen.
Click the pause button when you are finished.

Ready to start the publishing cycle?
Click Done.

Click Upload to YouTube.
Note: Make sure you have a YouTube video channel already setup.

Select your school Google account.

Click Allow.

Make sure the privacy settings are set to public so everyone can view the video.
Click the green Publish button at the bottom.

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