Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Communicating without saying a word.

I was at the gym today and this memory of a video hit me. I was standing by some equipment and a guy came over and nodded towards the bench. All I had to do is shake my head. Nothing else needed. No words, just minor head movements.

This whole thing made me wonder how often I allow my nonverbal expressions to tell a story. I wonder how many times my students weren't met with a friendly smile, did that put a damper on their day? How often do I turn teachers away just by some expression I'm not even aware of?

A few years ago we came across this video. We played it during a training and then I forgot about it. Maybe a month later I was walking through Truman and I saw a bunch of signs posted. I spent maybe twenty minutes walking the halls looking at each one. These simple posters changed my whole attitude, made me think and feel differently. My whole week was more energizing just by reading a few words.

I wonder... what if we held signs like in the video? How might that change the day?

I sometimes worry that a single sign or friendly gesture might be the only kind thing some of us experience all day. I think we could change lives with ideas like this. One simple sign at at time. 

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  1. Thank you for posting this. It is so totally true. I plan on stealing this video (if that is ok with you) to try to encourage my students to promote positivity and love!


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