Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Ideas for the New Year?

Are you looking for a few new ideas this summer? Maybe something to improve a workshop, parent communication or just something fresh? Starting in a few days there is a HUGE educational technology conference happening in Texas. I believe there are over 16,000+ participants, you can just imagine how many ideas will flow during the conference.

The ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference runs from June 24-28.

So how can you hop on and join in?

Open TweetDeck and start to read.
     Don't have a twitter account? Make one! You will need one to use TweetDeck. I promise it won't disappoint. 
     You can also just click on the hashtags below and follow along. 
          #iste17 - people at the conference use this to tweet out new learning and ideas
          #notatiste17 this hashtag is used by those who are not at ISTE

Tweet Deck
TweetDeck opens with three main columns.
Home - your stream. Everything shared publicly shows up here.
Notifications - anytime your twitter name is mentioned.
Messages - private messages

Adding a new column
1. Click the little magnifying glass on the far left. Type in #iste17.
2. Click on the hashtag.

New column appears. Newest tweet will appear at the top. Once the conference starts this column will move faster than any human can read.
Repeat creating columns with people, ideas or hashtags.

Making It Work
1. I found something that looks interesting. I can click on the link and check out what it is all about.
2. I can also favorite it by click on the heart. This is like a bookmark, saved to look at later on.

Why TweetDeck?
I stared using twitter and TweetDeck a while back for idea generation. I know there could be a ton of junk in the feed, just like watching something on tv. Stuff that might be fun to look at but does not have a long lasting quality to it. By following a few key hashtags and people you can start to access fresh perspectives you did not have access to before. There is a lot of noise, after a while you can tune your feed to increase the quality. 

Share - if you see something please share it. Share with your building, a buddy or anyone you think could benefit. 

Need help bringing something to life? Just reach out, Doug and Colin can help.

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