Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Keep: Powerful, Simple and Free

My current note taking application. Not always effective.

I feel pulled in a billion directions all the time. I sometimes forget more in one day than I care to admit. Other times I show up somewhere and can't recall why I am at the store. Like just two days ago I went to Target and bought some stuff, some we even needed, but totally forgot to get the one thing my wife told me to get. She only told me like five times but I still forgot. Ever happen to you?

There are a number of ways that the Google Keep app can help keep you on track. In this post we will show you a few ways on how to do this on your mobile device. It works pretty much the same way on your laptop.

I fell in love with checklists after reading the Checklist Manifesto.

Open the Keep app on your mobile and create a new note.
1. Title your note.
2. Click the little plus symbol in the lower left. Then you will have access for the next step.
3. Click Checkboxes.

1. Click the little ice cream cone in the lower right. (three dots) Then choose a color. I tend to use color to help the more important notes standout. 

1. I checked off this one item. Just like paper, the item remains visible. I could also deselect this item and it would appear back at the top of the list. This deselecting gives the app a slight advantage over paper. You could create a reoccurring checklist for the things you do over and over.

This idea would have saved me at Target. The big idea is to have the note appear once you get near the store, like it magically detects when you get within maybe 100 feet or so and up pops the note.

This example is using a checklist I (should have) created for my recent Target shopping adventure.

1. Click the little finger with the ribbon in the upper right corner.
2. Click Place.
3. Start typing the name of the place you want the note to pop up when you get close.

I started typing the word Target and this appeared. I can now pick the Target that I shop at.

Now at the bottom of my note I can see a little Target icon appear. Once I enter the parking lot a notification will appear on my phone. 

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