Monday, June 5, 2017

Marketing 101 - (Summer 2017 Class)

Marketing 101 - aka how do I get people to look/click on what I post?
This post was created to be a guide for a summer class.

By the end of the class you will...
  • have a few ideas on how to market what you post from your classroom
  • create a schedule of ideas on your calendar
  • boomerang a reminder to get started in August
What makes something clickable?
Why do videos go viral? Why did Rebecca Black become a success? Is there something here that we could apply to what we do with our own social media?

Why do some sites/posts get traffic while others are simply never clicked upon?

Idea Generation
The posts below were used to look at how we create our message. The big idea was to look outside what were are already doing and finding some
     1. 5 Ideas To Build Your Personal Brand This Summer - this is a super interesting idea. How do we create a brand for ourselves and the classroom? The five ideas help to start building a consistent message, one that people can depend on.
     2. What creativity in Marketing Looks Like Today - Idea one was gold, find the pain points together and build from there. I would assume parents are busy, so their pain is super long posts are hard to read.
     3. 5 Easy Exercises to Find Your Brand's Voice -
     4. 8 Tips to Attract Your First 250,000 Instagram Followers - disregard the Instagram part, just read the tips. Many of these can be applied to your blog/social site. The one thing that stands out to me is consistency. 

Sites Around The World
We investigated these sites to look for evidences of how they market themselves to their readers. Our hope was to discover additional ideas on how they get the word out compared to the articles we read.


Charting A Path
We used the articles and links above to chart a classroom marketing path.
Some of the big idea are:
  • #hashtags
  • Keeping a consistent schedule (Math Mondays, Text Tuesdays, etc)
  • Creating informative images
  • Creating specific jobs for the teacher and some for the students.
  • Facebook - video vs. text post
Next Steps
Google Calendar and Boomerang - using these two tools we create some reminders to help us with our marketing plan once the year gets underway.

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