Monday, August 3, 2015

Is the mouse really inefficient?

Is the mouse really inefficient? 

I hear keyboards are actually more efficient than using a mouse or touchpad. Below you will find a few Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts that might prove this theory.

Windows Key + D Will return you to your desktop super fast. Most useful when you get stuck on the start screen.

Windows Key + left or right arrows Snaps the active window to take up exactly 1/2 the screen. This might be the most productive shortcut I have ever used.

Windows Key + C Opens the charms bar.

Windows Key + X Opens a number of shortcuts. I use this to access the control panel and task manager.

Windows Key + E Pulls up Windows Explorer.

Windows Key + M Minimizes all open windows.

These are just a few that I use from time to time. Have a favorite shortcut? Add it in the comments.

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