Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Google Classroom - Did you see this update? IT IS AMAZING!

Google Classroom Amazingness

Google classroom was updated in a pretty big way this week. Some new features are available today while others will not roll out until the end of September .

Question-Driven Discussions

Teachers can post questions and allow the students to respond.
How might you use this?

  • Post a video and have the students respond to what they see.
  • Post an article about a topic you are studying and the students submit some type of response.

Reuse Posts

Have a post, announcement or assignment from another class? Created something from last year and you really want to reuse it this year? No problems. 

The really amazing thing is...CALENDAR INTEGRATION! (coming at the end of September.)
The Google Classroom course will automatically generate a calendar based off of what you assign. This Google calendar is just like any other calendar you currently use except when you add an assignment in Classroom it will auto populate the calendar. Magical.

Want to read more about what is new?

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  1. I'm definitely excited about the calendar integration. For all of its faults, that's one benefit that using Google products allows: streamlined integration.


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