Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why don't they just make a tool for that? Check out these Teachers who decided to DIY!

Teacherpreneurs meet Shark Tank in a Pitchfest Sponsored by 4.0 Schools. 

In a proposal competition, teachers created their ultimate time-saving digital tools to provide powerful instruction using modern solutions. Evaluated by a panel of educators, the winner would be selected based on criteria such as how easily a product could be incorporated into their classrooms, how much instruction they would need, whether it would help them work smarter or harder and what they would be willing to pay for it. Several of these are already funded and up and running!!

Consider following 4.0 Schools' blog- That's where I found another amazing tool not featured on CNN-- "Because" (video below). The tool you've just been WAITING for might already be there!

The ideas featured on CNN this AM include:

Fantasy Geopolitics- A fantasy-football style competitive learning program to foster high engagement in modern political issues.

Borne Digital- An e-reader that adapts to each student's reading level based on periodic assessments, allowing children at different levels to read the same book... you read that right!

Branching Minds- The creator points to her own frustrations as motivation for developing this tool-- struggling with the magnitude of reasons that underlie each particular student’s struggles and wading through the infinite number of learning supports available. Her solution in her own words: "It’s WebMD’s Symptom Checker meets Amazon’s Marketplace, but for all one’s learning needs."  

SmartestK12- An online platform that lets teachers transform documents into digital assignments. Drop question right into an old PDF, collect the data from students' answers, set up auto-grading to create instant feedback and differentiated tasks based on performance. 

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