Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Going Digital in the Social Studies Classroom with Evidence-based Argumentation

Using Digital Technology to Foster Historical Argumentation under the CCSS by Julie B. Wise and Alexandra Panos
A great guide to avoiding a common trap of integration, where the technology "use does not assure deep understanding"... The authors argue that the curricular goals and the ability to identify perspective, make an authentic claim, support it with evidence, and close the argument successfully  take a primary role to the multimodal tool students choose. A multimodal tool could be PPT, GoogleSlides, or MovieMaker. Regardless of the tool, multimodal argumentation should take the same basic format. The authors also integrate primary document analysis and the argumentation process. Wonderful primer for historical argumentation!

Visualizing Text: The New Literacy of Infographics by Mark Davis and David Quinn
In yet another shameless plug for the power of infographics creation, another method to represent historical argumentation is the sleek, efficient infographic. In support of the CCSS evidence-based writing standards, creating an infographic requires students to perform intense and meaningful research to represent their findings in the slimmest possible format to deliver an impactful message! The article also covers teaching comprehension through infographics... so resources like To do this, they definitely will be honing their abilities to "find, retrieve, analyse, and use information", as we work to empower the next generation of historians!

More infographics resources can be found at Kathy Schrock's Guide to Infographics, a fellow educator who also loves her some infographics! I've also included an infographic on infographics below.

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