Saturday, January 11, 2014

New! Google Drive! Where will it take you?

The Google products are always suddenly changing.  How do you keep up?


Use a Google product to learn about a Google product.
Example: in the last 24 hours Google Play Services (Android) and Gmail have both changed a bit.

Steps to unraveling the rapidly iterating Google tool situation.

  1. Log into Google+.
  2. Open up communities.
  3. Search for Google Drive and join that community.
  4. Read all about it!

What I have learned in the past day?

New ways to manage folders!

A missing tool is back!

I could take time to describe each feature but it is more valuable for you to join the community and read about it.  I took two screenshots of the posts in the community.

Take a look.  What do you see?

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