Thursday, January 30, 2014

iPad Center - Here is what I saw at Crestwood and it will blow your mind.

I had an amazing experience this week in a first grade classroom at Crestwood.  The students were working in centers so I naturally gravitated towards the students using iPads.  I am always interested in how the students share the devices and how they know what to do once it is their turn.

The first thing I noticed was a checklist each student had to help them self select what station they need to move to next.  The whole idea of self selection kept the students moving from one station to the next without any downtime!

At the iPad station there were the usual six iPads waiting for the students to pick them up.  The thing that really blew me away was the cards on top of each iPad.  When a student picked up the device they knew exactly what they should be doing once they sat down.  This card also serves as a simple reminder of what tasks and the choices they can make as they work independently. 

Now for another layer of amazing.  The cards are laminated so the tasks that are written on them can be changed at any time!  That is such a great way to quickly alter the learning tasks at a moments notice.

I can't thank Christy Kelsch enough for the opportunity for me to learn along side of her class.  I look forward to a future visit!

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