Monday, November 18, 2013

Google-rific Stuff I Learned Today!

Participated in a Webinar hosted by Google and Del Mar Union School District in California. Here is some of the COOLER stuff I learned today!

- Seven out of eight Ivy League schools use Google Apps for Education (GAFE). 75% of the top 100 colleges/universities in the US use GAFE! Puts a new perspective on Lindbergh's competent graduates mission!

Resources that are AMAZING!

  • Google Art Project- Can't fund a trip to Greece for all your students? Virtually visit the Acropolis, the MoMA and a ton of other culturally relevant sites through the Google Cultural Institute. Check it out here!
  • Google Map Engine LITE: Create your own map for a Lit Trip, a geography lesson, or biomes/environments in Science. You can create maps and share them, just like any other Google Doc-- oh, and they are editable as a collaborative document. 
  • Inside Google Search- The algorithms that make the search work... awesome infographic, even more awesome? Developers at Google are using the Scientific Method/experimentation (plus some ridiculous math) every day!
  • Google Politics/Election Toolkit: Great resource for all things political... the resources available for Campaign Managers are pretty cool, for anyone thinking about including activism in their curriculum this year! Another cool Social Science tool for HS: The Transparency Report- shares which governments have requested content blocks from Google or where services have been cut because of political uprisings.

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