Sunday, November 10, 2013

Do people really still use apps on an iPad? It is 2013 and we are seriously still using apps?

photo by:  goofcitygoof
So you are still using apps and need a few (55) new ideas?  Take a look at this post I found on twitter the other day.  It lists 55 different apps and I hope these might spark you with some new ideas.

The 55 Best Free Education Apps For The iPad

Here are a few that jumped out at me.
Virtual Manipulatives!
TED - One of my favorites - Sugata Mitra: Build a school in the cloud  This will absolutely change you in a short 22 minutes.
Google Search - Try the voice search option.  It is out of this world.


  1. Please help me understand the title of this post! I seriously use apps on my ipad, especially to edit photos and video quickly and effortlessly. Is there something I need to know about it? Anyway, I always appreciate new resources and have already checked a few out.

    1. Jane,
      It is my way to get people to read. It was my deadpan humor.

  2. Don't need any apps but would appreciate it if you'd credit me as photographer of my feet for your use of my photo of my feet. You can find my link right on the download page where it says "all rights reserved by goofcitygoof."

    Alexandra Jones

    1. Very sorry. I did link the image but failed to add the credit. It is now fix. Thanks for your understanding.


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