Thursday, November 7, 2013

Discovery Education - linking the resources to the kids

This web based resource provides many learning tools for you and your class.  This post will focus on how to create individual logins for your students giving them personal access to thousands of videos.

Visit Discovery Education
Enter your username and password
**Don't have an account?  Contact Sandy in technology or one of the LiNC team.

Hover over Classroom Manager
Click My Classes

Click Create a Class

Enter a Class Name
Click Save

Click Return to Previous Page

Click Edit on the class you just created.

Click Add New Student 

Click Add New Students once you have added all your students.
Click Save.
Note: It would be wise to keep the username and password the same as their district Google account.

That is it!
Now your students will have access to the Discovery Education resources.

What do the kids see?

They can use the same login page.

Have them start exploring the Resource Center.
This is where they can find Science Elementary and Streaming (video) clips.

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