Friday, December 28, 2012

This is the time of year that...

This is the time of year that there are a million and one posts about best apps.  I have read a bunch about the top 10 apps that do this and the top 5 that do that.

Here are two examples:
Top 10 Cell Phone Apps
Top 50 iPad Apps

These got me thinking.  What are the top apps you use?  Leave some comments about which apps you use.

Here are mine:
Pandora - great to let it just play
Spotify - setting up some on demand songs.

(I used to use Instagram until they changed their terms of service.)
Snapseed - very interesting app by Nik Software (a google brand)
Flickr - A very old site but the new app is pretty nice.  Might be the best way to share pictures from the classroom.  Easy for iPads, parents and students to share images to one common location.

Cloud Storage
Dropbox - all images I take are automatically saved online.  Very easy to find these images on my laptop.
Goolge+ - This will automatically backup all images I take to the cloud.  It makes it a snap to share these with my family.

facebook - mostly keeping up with the family
twitter - so many professioanl resources here
foursquare - checking in to places I visit.  There are some restaurants that will give deals when I check in while I am eating there.
yelp - similar to foursquare.

evernote - a place I save everything I need to remember.  I everything from shot records, library cards and ELITE notes.
Calendar - not sure what I would do without a online calendar.

What are some apps you have used today?


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