Monday, December 17, 2012

Google - To The Rescue!

I was working with Sammi, my 8 year old, on a piece of writing she was doing for homework.  There were three words she was struggling to spell.  My first instinct was to grab the dictionary but I couldn't find one.  We were going to use Siri on the iPad but we decided to try something else.  I wanted to find a solution she could use on the iPad and on a laptop.


Note:  use the chrome browser!

We launched chrome on the laptop and clicked the small microphone on  Make sure your laptop microphone is turned on.

Sammi then spoke the word she was struggling with into the computer.  Google took care of the rest.


You need to download the google search app for this to work.

Open the google search app.

Click on the small microphone.

Say the word you are wanting to spell.

The results will pop up as a regular google search results page.

The Big Picture
There are many tools that are available on laptops and iPads that can assist you in the classroom.  The google search tool isn't necessarily designed to help with spelling but it is very effective at this task.

The other amazing idea is this is all done by speaking into a device.   We did not need to touch the keyboard at all.  This allows more students to access this information than ever before.

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