Monday, May 14, 2018

I will never drive home without asking my phone first.

I have this odd obsession with Google Assistant. It seems like it has gotten much more useful over the past few weeks.

Check out my new routine.

As I am walking to the car I'll simply voice this:
Ok Google, let's go home.

I don't need to really even touch my phone. Super efficient!

Google will then:
     1. Tell me how long my commute should be. Wicked important so I can route around any traffic issues.
     2. Play a certain playlist from Spotify.

Check out how easy it is to command your device to do exactly this.

Make sure you have Assistant on your mobile. Click if you need for iOS or Android.

Open assistant.
Click the blue icon in the upper right.

1. Click on the ice cream cone. (3 dots)
2. Click Settings.

Scroll down.
Click Routines.

Click Commuting home.

1. This is the phrase you say to activate the routine. Don't forget that to get to this stage you must first wake up Assistant by saying "OK Google".
2. All I have selected is the one that tells me about the commute home. Play around with the others to see what they can do.
3. I selected music. By clicking on the gear you can tell it exactly what to play.
4. If you change anything you must click the check, without doing this any changes will not save.

That is it!
Now your commute will be quick and filled with just the right tunes.

This is my next routine I have been adjusting.

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