Friday, May 11, 2018

Google Assistant is turning into an actual assistant!

We have posted before about Google Assistant. It is one of those apps that is stretching beyond what we thought was possible for an app to do. It does have some downfalls like it can't call someone for me to schedule appointments or book a table at great places like Russell's or can it?

Check out what Google showed the world this week.

I pretty much jumped out of my chair in excitement. I can just talk to my phone and everything else just happens. In the time it takes you to walk from one end of your classroom to the next some of your tasks can be handled by Google Assistant. AMAZING!

If you really want to see the power check out this post on the Google AI blog. It offers some audio clips of actual calls similar to the above video.

I'm not sure when it will be rolled out but I will be the first to schedule a haircut and reserve table.

I do wonder if it can call my kids to remind them about cleaning their rooms and to stop playing Fortnite because it is my turn.

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