Monday, February 19, 2018

Voice and Curiosity = Perfect Combo

We saw this video the other night during a meeting and it just struck me on so many levels.

1. Learn by making. This reminds me of how you become a better reader, you read. I'm sure Kelvin has made a stack of mistakes, but in the end, he created something beyond measure.
2. MIT Media Lab. Unlimited Creative Freedom. Is this their own version of genius hour?
3. It seems like the whole foucs is PBL, problem-based learning. Kelvin needed power, the problem, so he created a battery. Another issue was broadcasting, so he built his how radio station.
4. You already have everything you need if you look around. He found everything he needed in the trash. Conditions will never be perfect, so why not start creating now!
5. The community members couldn't call into his radio show so they texted. It is almost as if he had a solution for every obstacle.
6. You need a team, you can't do it alone.
7. How many Kelvin's do we have in our classrooms. How can we help them grow?

What if you showed this to your class, what do you think they would see?

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