Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#booksnaps - This might replace my obsession with Post-It Notes.

My first #booksnap. 

I have seen this shared on Twitter for a while now and decided it was time to try it. While my snaps are not super great, it has helped me narrow down what is really snapable and what isn't. I'm sure you can understand, sometimes we just highlight too much on any given page.

What is a #booksnap?
I think it is simply taking a picture of the book you are reading, highlighting an outstanding quote and sharing it publicly.

The idea came from Tara Martin, @taramartinedu, when she began reading the Launch book. Like any book, it can be difficult to keep the conversation going between face-to-face meetings. I know I will highlight and add a ton of Post-Its to my book which might be great for me but not the greater conversation that could happen around what I'm reading. #booksnaps solves this issue by giving me a quick pathway to snap, annotate and share my thinking.

I believe this will change my reading by helping me narrow down my highlights and share what I find to be most impactful.

Student Examples
Check out the scrolling examples on Tara Martin's website. I would recommend taking a look at what she has posted before reading any further, so many great ideas to get you started.

What if...
  • you did snaps for math?
  • they created snaps for social studies?
  • they participated in #gratitudesnaps?  

#booksnaps using Pic Collage or Seesaw
Snapchat is not required to participate, there are other avenues to get everyone to make their thinking visual.

Pic Collage
Pic Collage is a free iOS and Android app that allows the user to annotate any image they take.

Creating a Pic Collage is wicked easy, just follow these steps.
Note: This is my first time creating a #booksnap, I'm sure it will look a ton better with a little practice.
Open the app and click Freestyle.

Click Photos.

1. Click the camera icon to take a picture.
2. You can also select a picture that is already in your camera roll.

I used an image already in my camera roll.
I clicked Text to begin adding the quote.

There are three tools at the bottom to adjust the text. 
Click the check at the top when finished.

Adjust the text.
Click the plus symbol to add additional details.
Click Done when ready to share.
Your class could share it to Classroom or any other public place you use.

Seesaw shared this video highlighting #booksnaps using Seesaw. It was record by Tara Martin.

Additional Resources
Tara Martin has a bunch a videos on how to create #booksnaps using a variety of apps.

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