Thursday, July 13, 2017

What is your plan?

We were driving down the road and experienced some odd electrical issue, the GPS stopped charging. The unit only had enough battery to last until we hit Chicago. I would have been concerned but I had a backup plan. Below the GPS I had my tablet running Waze.

I have been told there are two types of people, those who have lost data and those who will.

Do you have a plan if your laptop suddenly dies? Are there folders that need to be backed up but aren't?

Google just released a totally new Google Drive back up and sync tool. I currently have just over 110 gigs in my Drive which was too big for the older desktop Google Drive tool. What they added was the ability for me to just back up one folder from my desktop without having to download everything on my Drive. It is brilliant.

Download and Get Started
Download Back Up and Sync.
Start the install process.

I started by clicking GOT IT.

1. I deselected all of these options. I wanted to choose the folder that was backing up.

1. The folder I needed was located on my desktop.
2. I selected the folder. 

That is pretty much it. Now everything in my badges folder will automatically back up to Google Drive. When I add a new resource to the folder it will just back up without me doing anything extra.

Check out the official help site for more information.

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