Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This one thing has saved me year after year.

I am a digital pack rat. I never delete emails, I just move them into a folder to give the appearance of an empty inbox. I keep all pictures, never delete even the blurry ones. All that deleting takes too much time and way too many clicks.

I have the same issue with bookmarks, I have a ton.

Years ago I would save them to the browser but after a while I could never find what I needed. It was nearly impossible to figure out which folder sites belonged to. Did the district page fall into the school folder or work? Sometimes I would make a folder for finance another for bank and a third might contain stocks. It was a messy system.

I kept seeing all these tweets for Diigo, some type of site, app and extension for saving bookmarks and once I signed up I never looked back. Using Diigo has saved me time and now all bookmarks are a simple search away.

This tool allows me to tag each site I save with different key words. I could pick a stock I want to follow (Apple) and tag it with apple, stock, retirement, money. This system makes it simple to save and always have the ability to pull up information quickly. No more second guessing about which folder something belongs in.

If that wasn't enough, I never loose my links. When I get a new laptop or the one I'm using is reimaged, I just download the Diigo extension. All my sites are there. I can also find them on my mobile devices.

Getting Started
Start at Diigo's website.
Create an account.

I would recommend adding the Chrome extension
I also added it to my Android phone and iPad. This enables me to save things I see on twitter, facebook or the web quickly. No idea is lost. While I might not look at it right away, I'll have it when I need it.

Bookmarking on Chrome is a breeze assuming you installed the extension. I found this page about Pi and wanted to save it for later.
1. Click the little d and the drop down will appear.
2. Click Save Bookmark.

1. Add one word descriptions (tags) for the site you want to save. You can add more than one word but you need to put quotes around those words.
2. Click Save.

Finding Your Bookmarks
This is the true power of why Diigo has been so transformational for me, the library!
Click the little d in your browser like you did to add a bookmark.
1. Click the small double arrows in the lower right.
2. Click My Library.

1. I entered pi as my search term.
2. All the posts that reference pi appear in the results.

I could refine my search by adding summer17 after pi and my results would narrow considerably.

The big idea is to add more than one tag to each link you want to save. It becomes much easier to find later on.

Take It Up A Notch
Check out the teacher features. This is worth signing up for.

You can import your current bookmarks from your browser

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