Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mobile Video Editing - iOS and Android

We stumbled upon this app a while ago and it just keeps getting better. We thought it would be a great time to update the post centered around using your mobile devices to shoot, edit and share quality video projects.

Our original post was created for the PBL classes at LHS and this updated post will follow a similar pattern. This post was used in FACS to help guide the video creation process. The goal is to give the students five key elements and ideas for shooting and creating video projects on mobile devices.


  • We would advise you to have a minimum of 1 gig of free storage on your device before you start creating your project. Trust us, we learned the hard way. 
  • Do not delete any files until the project has been uploaded YouTube.

1. What do you watch now?
These two simple guiding questions start you thinking about the videos you watch on a regular basis. This helps frame your thinking around what makes up a quality video.
  1. What videos do you watch now? (youtube, twitch, things on facebook, tv, etc)
  2. What keeps you coming back for more?

2. Evaluating Great Video
Pick one of the bullet points below. Use that criteria to evaluate one of the following video clips.
  • angles they shot
  • movement of the camera
  • sound/audio/text
  • lighting
  • cuts in the video
  • audience - who is the intended audience
Pick one of these videos to evaluate using the criteria.
     Apple Of My Eye (shot on an iPhone 4)

What did you notice?

This acronym was designed to help those shooting video on mobile devices focus on what is most important.

  • shooT with a storyboard or this storyboard
  • Hold that camera steady
  • Interesting surroundings
  • Not too soft, not too loud
  • Know your audience and subject

4. Warm Up The Subject
Are you shooting a person? It is a good idea to think of a few questions to get your interviewee to relax before you start asking the questions you really want answered.

You are interviewing a teacher and really want them to talk about their day to day life in the classroom. You could start by asking them about why they became a teachers, who inspires them, etc. This helps them to start thinking about teaching and will usually result in better answers to the questions you really want to ask.

5. Editing
Avoid Editing
The magic is all in the storyboard. The better shots you take, the faster the editing will go.
One suggestion is to take shorter clips. Trimming off the ends of a thirty second video is simple, cutting up a two minute clip is insanity.

Editing On Your Mobile Device
We are using Filmora, a free iOS and Android app, as your editing software.

Open the FilmoraGo app on your device.

Click Create New Video.

Open the videos stored on your device. 

Select the clip(s) you want to start editing.

1. After you trim the clip, click Add.
2. This number indicates how many total clips you have so far for your project.

Click Next when you have all your clips ready to go.

1. Click on your clips to start editing them.
2. Scroll up/down for more options.

Once you click on a video clip you will be presented with additional editing options.
Scroll over to find options like voice over, audio mixing and adding titles to the clips. All of these tools could be useful for your final production.

Click save when you are ready to publish.
Be aware that this sometimes saves in real time. If you video is five minutes, it takes a full five minutes to save. It is a good idea to have your device plugged in while you save.

1. Choose YouTube. It is recommended to make sure you are connected to wifi when loading to YouTube. The upload process can take a long time, please plan accordingly.
2. You can also save to your camera roll or click More and save to Google Drive. 

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