Sunday, November 27, 2016

Video Editing - Beyond An App

While FilmoraGo is a powerful app, this post is dedicated to the video editing desktop software VideoPad. This post has a few tips to get you started editing with VideoPad.

Importing Clips
Make sure your clips are downloaded to the computer before you start editing.
1. Open VideoPad and click File.
2. Click Add File(s)... 

Select the video files you want to import.
Click Open.

Editing the Clips
1. The imported clips will show up on the far left side of the screen. Click on the first one you want to start editing.
2. Set the Start point. 
3. Set the End point.
4. Click Place.
Setting a start and end point will only place the video between those two points on the timeline. This process speeds up editing by about a billion percent. 

1. Select the clip before the one you want to add the transition between.
2. Click Transitions.
3. Click the type of transition you want to use.
4. Select the transition you want to use.
5. There will be a little tiny icon that will be added to indicate that a transition was added. Play the clips to see the effect.

Speeding Up
1. Select (click) the clip you want to speed up.
2. Click Video Effects.
3. Click Change Clip Seed.

Change the speed and click Set.
Play the clip back to make sure it is fast enough.

It is a really good idea to mute the sound.
1. Click the little speaker icon in the lower left corner of the clip.
2. Click mute.

Voice Over
1. Click the little arrow on the Record button.
2. Click Narrate.

Click the record button to start and stop.
The video clip will play as you voice over.

Saving Your Project
This is the most important step of all if you are using a shared computer. If you do not backup your files they will be deleted once you logout of the student laptop. 
1. Click File.
2. Click Save Portable Project As...

Choose a location and click Ok.

Save your project to Drive or somewhere other than the student computer.


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