Thursday, April 21, 2016

Once upon a time...

Storify is an easy-to-use website for telling stories through social media.  In this Storify article, a simple hashtag system is used to get feedback from educators all over the state of Missouri:

To get started, log into Storify with your Twitter account, Facebook account, or create a new account.  Drag and drop sources into your article from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, websites, and more.  This is what your editing screen will look like.  Your article on the left, social media resources on the right:

Storify has potential for so many uses in the classroom, including:
  1. Curating class discussions
  2. Social storytelling about world events as they happen
  3. Collecting and sharing diverse perspectives on polarizing topics
  4. Building historical narratives, integrating a variety of media into one place
  5. Creating a multimedia book report that connects readers with the author and setting
  6. Blogging, of course!
How would you use Storify?

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