Monday, October 5, 2015

Kids have fun sharing their learning with the Seesaw app!

Great teachers are constantly working to learn where students are at on the path to mastery.  In today's classroom, students are using many different classroom spaces while engaged in tailored learning experiences, making it hard for teachers to gather the critical formative data they need.  How can any teacher keep up?

I wish there was an app for that... (*harp sounds*)


The app's design allows students the power of choice in expressing their learning.  The teacher can review, approve, and comment on student work in moments.  An additional feature even allows parents to check out their child's learning through powerful sharing and notification features.  

The steps are simple:
  1. Students open the app and scan their class QR code.
  2. Students share their learning by taking a video or picture, writing, drawing, or uploading a file.
  3. The teacher views and approves the submissions, providing comments.
Second grade students in Theresa Girse's class work in teams during math stations, they document their learning and math talk using Seesaw.  When students come together for reflection afterwards, the teacher and students use Seesaw to review their new learning, celebrate successes, and evaluate the accuracy of their submissions.

So, how would you use it?

First-grader Maggie uses Seesaw on her iPad to share her
new learning in Kaye Rueschhoff's classroom.

Special thanks to Kaye Rueschhoff and Theresa Girse for welcoming me into their classrooms.

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