Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flubaroo much? Try Super Quiz!

Every student deserves useful, specific, timely feedback.  Formative assessments provide data that helps teachers differentiate instruction.  Personalized learning is the goal, but I just don't have enough time to sort through all that data.

Can anyone help me???

*rumbling a jumbo jet or an earthquake*

Look!  Up in the sky.  It's...SUPER QUIZ!!!

Super Quiz is a Google Sheets add-on that does amazing things with student response data from Google Forms.  There are so many things!  Super Quiz:
  • grades your student Google Form responses
  • highlights correct answers by student
  • compiles and sorts class averages on each question by teacher
  • lists the students that got each question wrong
  • allows the teacher to integrate specific feedback and supporting questions on individualized reports for each question
  • creates printouts, emails, and google docs for each student with customized quiz analysis, including specific feedback and supporting questions
In a nutshell, the Super quiz add-on found in Google Sheets enables nine additional tabs that provide the teacher with everything they need to provide students with amazing, customized quiz feedback.  Students are delivered the personalized feedback they need.  Teachers can use individual and class-wide data to differentiate instruction and identify best practices in PLCs.  

If you are using Google Forms as a formative assessment tool, try the Super Quiz add-on available on Google Sheets.

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