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Google Photos

Google Photos 
Is this app for me?

What is Google Photos?
     A quick and easy way to backup and share your photos and videos. This was originally included in Google+ but was spun out to became a standalone app.
     This app allows you to edit your images and add effects similar to what you see in many of the popular photo sharing apps available today.

Why should I use Google Photos?
     Digital asset management is hard! Think about your Google Drive or Shared With Me, are those easy to keep organized? We gather more digital files today than every before making some type of organizational strategy super important.
     Google Photos is a free and unlimited way to back up every single photo and video you have. Free and unlimited, need I say anymore?

First Steps

  • Download the app to your iOS or Android device.
  • Select how you want your photos to be backed up. 
    • The default is to backup over wifi. Be mindful if you pick cellular data as it will use your data plan. Videos tend to be massive files and will quickly eat up your monthly data allotment. (Unless your have an "unlimited" data plan.)

You will also be presented with two different backup options.
  • High Quality - Free but the file size is reduced. This may cause issues down the road if you want to print images larger than 12X14. It has little impact if you never print and just share what you upload online.
  • Original - The file size is not compromised in anyway. (I take a billion pictures. I opted to use my personal account and buy additional storage.)

Using Google Photos
You can access Google Photos through the web or an app on your mobile device.

Google Drive
Your photos are organized by date they were uploaded. The desktop version is slightly more limited then what you can do on your mobile device.


1. Click the hamburger icon

  • Assistant - Creates movies and collages automatically from the photos you uploaded. 
  • Photos - All the photos and videos uploaded to your account.
  • Collections - Automatically generated collections of videos and photos based upon your geolocation.

2. Plus (create new)

  • Albums, movies, stories, animations or collages.

3. Ice Cream Cone

  • Changes how you view your photo collection. You can reorganize all your photos by selecting differnt options.
  • Click on the image you want to edit.
  • Open the editing tools by clicking on the small pencil at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select your effect you want to apply.
  • Slide your finger to adjust the effect.
  • Click the check on the far right to save it.

Best part the editing is non-destructive!
  • Open the image you previously edited.
  • Click Back to original to revert the image back to its original state.

Use Cases

  • Accessing your images anywhere you have a device and internet access.
  • Share student learning.
  • Create original photo stories of personal or classroom events.

Additional Resources

  • Official Google Help - the official help site for Google Photos.
  • Google Gooru - all things Google apps related. A great resource to subscribe to.
  • Alice Keeler - a Google certified educator who share some amazing ideas on how to use the GAFE products in an educational setting.
Any questions?
Just reach out. We are here to help.

Doug and Colin


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