Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ALERT! (Using Google Alerts as your research robot.)

Do you ever Google things?

Google alerts will crawl the web looking for your specific topic. It will then email you once a day or once a week depending on how you set it up.

I have used this for when Eddie Bauer pants go on sale, when people post about iPads in K-2, anytime someone uses Colin Davitt or Davitt.  

Why do I want an email about when the pants go on sale? 
  • I hate shopping. I hate looking for sale items. Google can send me an email when there is a sale.

Why an email about iPads in K-2?
  • We had some trouble finding information about iPads in the primary grades. We turned over the research to Google and let it find us solid links. This saved us about 15 hours worth of pointless Googling.

Why the Colin Davitt or Davitt search?
  • I wanted to be alerted when someone was posting about me. I want to keep tabs on what is happening on the web so I can react if needed.

How could you use it?
  • for new lesson ideas
  • tips for parent teacher conferences
  • new streaming videos on Netflix
  • new restaurants in St. Louis

The alerts you create are almost limitless.
Note: Not all alerts will magically return amazing results.

Follow these steps to activate your first Google Alert.
1. Make sure you are logged in to a Google account.

2. Google - Google Alerts (or go to

3.  Create your alert.

4. Select alert options.

5. Click the blue button to start the process.

This simple process has increased my overall efficiency by 17% on a daily basis.

How might you use this in your daily life?

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