Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snip! (It has been hiding on your computer all along!)

I remember taking some old school scissors and glue to assemble custom learning materials for my students. There were times when I got super fancy and used tape! The end result was a paper that was custom made for my class to address some unique need.

Paper will always have a place in our classrooms but is there a way we can make custom materials that address the needs of our class digitally? Check out the Snipping Tool!

How to find your Windows snipping tool:

Open the Start screen.

Start typing Snipping.
Click on the Snipping Tool to launch the program.

Right click on the icon and pin it to your taskbar.

Using the Windows snipping tool:
Find what you need cut.
Click on the Snipping Tool icon on your taskbar.
Example: I need this information I found on the district webpage. You can snip anything you see on your computer screen. That includes your Image Mate software. This is one way to take parts of student work to save and show as exemplars.

Click New.
Use the + icon to select the portion of the screen you need.

Edit the image if needed.
I used the highlighter tool to draw attention to the important dates.

Next Steps
Save the image.
Add the image to a Google Slide or PowerPoint.
Add the altered image in an email.

You can take these newly created resources and place them pretty much anywhere.

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