Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Recording on a jet plane?

flickr image: williamson

You just recorded the most amazing screencast of your life.  Everything you needed to say just seemed to flow, you were in the zone.

That video is now on Youtube.  

The audio appears that it was recording while you were on a plane.

Now you are looking for a way to have your recordings sound as smooth and clear as your natural voice.

1.  In the lower right task bar, right-click on the audio icon.

2.  Left-Click on Recording Devices

3.  Left-Click on Microphone to highlight (you should only see one microphone icon listed)

4.  Left-Click on Properties button

5.  Left-Click on the tab titled Levels

6.  Move the slider for Microphone boost to the far left (should be at 0.0 DB)

7.  Left-Click Apply button and then Left-Click OK button

This solution brought to you by Keith Loveless.

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