Friday, March 14, 2014

Tired of the old PPT? Try INFOGRAPHICS as Creative Assessments!

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Consider using infographics as an incredible way for students to show their research analysis skills. Not only do students make critical choices about what data/information to incorporate into the valuable space on the infographic, they also have to synthesize different kinds of data into a new, authentic representation of their ideas. Great for argumentation/informative writing, great for research-based projects, great for any data-based task. 

The key part to infographic CREATION in the classroom is supporting kids to GET what data matters, what should be represented, and HOW to show it in a way that meets the audience's needs (and achieves the goal of the author).

INFOGRAPHICS at LINDBERGH- Ty Cochran's Infographic Project
Ty decided to chuck the old PPT for infographics created through Lucid Charts. See what his students were able to create and his reaction to their AWESOME work...  Ty's account of just how AWESOME this project ended up is featured on our Google+ page.... WAY beyond his expectations! Check out his students' final products. His own words: "I was BLOWN AWAY!"
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4

Not sure if infographics belong in your discipline/grade level, etc? Check out the why for integrating infographics in the classroom.

Totally in, but not comfortable managing data yet? Google's got a self-guided class on how to make AWESEOME data-based charts and graphs. Take the short online course in preparation for leading your students in creating their own graphs!

The start to finish guide on implementing infographics as creative assessments can be found at Kathy Schrock's Guide for Infographics- she's got project ideas, data resources, tool and even posted the rubrics she uses... Great starting point!


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