Monday, March 31, 2014

Sappington Hangs Out with Astronauts!

On Friday, Sappington students had the awesome opportunity to HANGOUT with an astronaut and scientists from NASA as part of their Train Like an Astronaut Mission X. 

This cross-curricular unit included math, science, and design concepts (check out the cool student work below), along with health and physical education concepts. The culminating event was a LIVE Google Hangout where our students got to share their Flyers spirit, show off their space station designs, and even ask Captain Mike Fincke a few questions about his experiences at the International Space Station. Check it out in the Hangout recording below!

Much thanks for creating such an awesome learning opportunity for our students. Laura Handrahan and Maria Clancy did an awesome job supporting students in their designs for the project. Rob George's expertise came in handy with the gorgeous Sappington banner. The PE team did an amazing job with coordinating this effort and generating a ton of excitement for the project (thanks, Chris)!

The event wouldn't be complete without an appearance from Lindy... thanks to Craig.

Special thanks to Mary Driemeyer, who led this project. She put such an incredible amount of work into such an awesome learning experience!

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