Friday, March 23, 2012

Remember that sliced bread from a few days ago?

I found a few things that blew my mind today.  Seriously!

I know a bit about Evernote but opening it for the first time can be confusing.  I think it took me a year or two to figure it out.  I would play with it and then uninstall only to repeat the whole process over.

Here are a few simple as pie posts that will help you understand the best app from a really great company.  (They do state this is the next 100 year company.  That is pretty impressive for a software company.  I do not think Facebook will be around even half that time.  Disagree?  Think back to myspace.)

Many of us long for the days when there was a book we could hold in our hands that would describe the latest software tool.  There is one for Evernote.  The book is only $10.  You can buy it and print it out.

100 Ways to Use Evernote - This may seem like a lot but it gave me many ideas that I had not thought of.  There are a number of ways on how this will help you in your day to day life.  I have used number 22 often.  It is dead simple to take pictures of things that kids bring home from school.  I save the image and tag it so I can find it later on.  It is much easier than saving tons of paper.  I can picture myself emailing them in 20 years with all these great memories. 

This one is the most impressive.  I have read about a few people using Evernote in the classroom for documenting reading conference notes but this one is amazing.  I think you can use this idea in just about any subject.  (Elementary teachers - this post talks about the Daily 5 and Cafe!  Seriously!)
 What is impressive is that this post was from 2010! (That is really about 1956 in computer years.  Computer years are like dog years.  I think I read that somewhere or I made it up.  Not sure)
*Note: the post mentions an iPad.  This is an app that can be installed on your laptop.  No iPad needed.

There is even a LiveBinder for Evernote.  It is pretty comprehensive and has many resources broken down into very specific sections.

Evernote 101

So... We have a book you can download, posts to read and a video to watch.  There is something for every style of learner.

Now here comes the interactive part.  Anyone want to add some comments on how they are using Evernote? 

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  1. Basically used as a universal planner/To Do/To Remember tool:
    -Kids birthday/Christmas wish lists... and I keep track of the things they mention throughout the months so I don't forget.
    -Daily Gratitude Journal
    -Screen Shots
    -Grocery list
    -At work "To Do" List
    -At home "To Do" List
    -Personal Journal


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