Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heimlich Maneuver, Sliced Bread and Evernote

What does these three have in common?

Each of these have moved mankind to a higher level.  The first two are pretty easy to identify.  You may be asking yourself about the sliced bread.  Have you ever had to carve out two slices of bread to make a sandwich?  I had to do this for years of my youth and I never was able to get to pieces alike.  One was thick and one was always too small.

What about this Evernote thing?  This service is online, on your desktop and an app.  An app!  Every thing that is great these days is or has an app.  That alone puts it into a higher category.

Teaching with Evernote - 6th and 8th Grade teacher
Kevin Buran talks about how he used Evernote when kids were unable to reach school due to a small natural disaster.  He was able to put everything the students needed for class into an Evernote notebook.  He then put a link to the notebook into his moodle course.

He used the web clipper to capture bits of pages to add additional information to his notes.  These web notes helped add value to what he was teaching about.  The best app was on his cell phone, the basic camera.  He is able to take pictures and add them to his notes.  These can include hand written notes, things on the wall of the classroom and on from there.

Top 10 Tips for Teachers
Everyone loves a top 10 list!  There are some great ideas on how this app can help organize and add value to your day to day classroom experience.

There are many more ideas and posts on how to use Evernote in the classroom.

Evernote is an amazing company to follow.  They have another great app call Skitch.  It allows you to annotate an image you have taken with your cell phone and quickly share it.  Makes certain images a lot more valuable.  If a picture is worth 10,000 words then an image annotated with Skitch is worth about 17,500 words.  (I think there was some research on that statistic.)

Do you ever have a difficult times with remembering names?  There is an app for that and it has been created by Evernote!
Check out Evernote Hello.

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