Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Google Sites - From Idea to Publication (Google Sites ELITE 1)

One of the most powerful things you can do is to take your idea and show it to the world. Creating for anyone outside the classroom can be a great motivator but finding an appropriate tool used to be difficult until now. Google Sites might be the simplest tool we have ever encountered for students to publish their work.

One critical step before anyone builds a site is to create a plan. We used paper and Post-It Notes to start planning our ELITE website. Check it out, brilliant work!

Immersion Activity
This activity was created to help you create a site quickly, like within seconds.
Follow the three green steps below to get your site up and running.

Open your email.
1. Click the waffle in the upper right corner. (The small group of nine squares.)
2. Scroll down and find Sites. Click on that.

1, Click Create.
2. Click in new Sites.

1. Name your site.
2. Name the page.
3. Find a blank spot below the title and double click. Click text and add some text.

Now add

  • an image
  • A Google Doc/Slides
  • a video

That is it. Your site has been created.

Next Steps
An overview of how to create your site.


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