Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Poll Everywhere - Perfect for fast formative feedback

Fast Formative Feedback!

What is this Poll Everywhere you speak of?
     Poll Everywhere engages your class in deep learning by creating live word clouds, collects anonymous feedback, or through check-ins on learning goals. All of this happens at the speed of light and with a simple click of a button.
     This post will step you through the process of using Poll Everywhere for fast assessment. You can always extend this idea by adding a series of complex questions but don't get too carried away.

Getting Started
A short video to get you started using Poll Everywhere.

A demo on how to use Poll Everywhere inside your Google Slides presentation. You will need to download this Chrome extension to activate this feature.

Why Poll Everywhere?

  • fast!
  • easy for you
  • easy for your students
  • integrates directly into Google Slides

Poll Everywhere

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