Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Google Docs Greatness

Two Amazing New Tools to Explore in Google Docs

Docs Voice Comments

This tool allows for teachers or other students to leave comments on a shared document.  This would be a powerful tool to allow for collaboration when students and/or teachers cannot conduct face to face conferences.


This great new tool allows you to open a YouTube video on the left side of the screen and then take notes on the right side.  The best part?  It is integrated with Google Docs so your notes are saved right in your  Google Drive.  In addition, students could collaboratively take notes together.  This would be an excellent tool for the flipped classroom as students are watching the videos at home.  

To get started, go to VideoNote.es and click on the "Create your notes" icon.  
This site is so easy to use and directions pop us as you are getting started.

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