Monday, May 20, 2013

Back from the dead!

There was this site that was pretty amazing when it came online way back in 2004.  It was unlike most other sites available but then it just languished.  Not much happened with the site for years.  Until now...

This site now makes Google+ and iCloud seem like small potatoes.  They will give you a few gigs of storage for free which is laughable when you compare it to the 1 terabyte of free storage that flickr will give you.

Take a look at this post to read about what they now offer.

I am going to take all my images and upload them here.  Why?  Another way to back them up for free and I am very excited to see where Yahoo! will go next.

(They also just purchased tumblr for a little over a billion dollars.  Yahoo might just be a company to watch.)

Who is with me on this?  Flickr all the way!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today youtube turns 8.

The amazing fact of the day.  There are 100 hours of content uploaded to youtube every single minute.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Do people still buy music?

The Google I/O 2013 conference kicked off today with an amazing 3 hour keynote.  This conference is focused on developers but they did talk about some things today that I find fascinating and it got me thinking about music.  I have not directly purchased music in years. (I DO NOT download any music from any type of torrent site.)   I still listen to a lot through various streaming services.  Right now I pay for Pandora and Spotify.

Today a new service was introduce by Google called Google Play Music All Access.   I did sign up for this one as well because there is a free trial.

This prompted me into thinking about how people consume music today.  Back in the day I had stacks and stacks of cassette tapes, CDs and even Mini Disks.  I always thought it was a hassle.  Now I am not sure I really own much music because it is much easier for me to use the cloud to store and manage the tracks.

I still wonder if people buy music anymore.  Why do you buy the physical copies?  Do you buy music?  Honest questions I am thinking about.

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