Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Diigo - like sliced bread for your bookmarks

Have you ever had some great bookmarks but you loose them all when your computer crashes?  Do you have so many bookmarks that it is getting difficult to figure out where you saved that great resource you need for class that starts in five minutes?

We are starting a short series of posts to help you maintain and organize your bookmarks.

Take a look at this video to start to along the path to learning how Diigo is better than sliced bread.

Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember! from diigobuzz on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get ready for your mind to be blown in 3,2,1....

No joke.  I watched this video that describes 10 ways to use the ActivExpressions in the classroom and I was speechless.  I never thought on leveraging these devices in ways these teachers do.

The video is linked to the Promethean facebook page.
You can also view it here.

Trust me.  Take 8 minutes and 18 seconds to watch this.

Tip #2 - This was the most impressive.  What a great way to help run a classroom at about any grade level.  ( Now you have to watch the video to figure out what tip #2 is.)

Tip #4 - Not sure if this will work if the kids are not in range of the hub.  I can see many ways to use this idea in the classroom.  It really got me thinking about how I can take a simple clicker and notch up the engagement.

Tip #5 - I could see this with reading anything in a textbook or a group project.

Tip #6 - High school math!

Something that 90% of web users are unaware of...

I was listening to a TWiT podcast today and heard a stat that 90% of people were unaware of how to find something quickly on a webpage.  This post aims to reduce that percentage.

Have you ever searched for something and when you pull up the webpage it is about a mile long?  To read the whole page to find one nugget of information takes too long.  Solution?

1. search for something

2. open a webpage

3. hit Ctrl+F and that will open a small search bar

The search will be limited to what is on the page and NOT the whole internet.

FYI - A TWiT (This Week in Technology) podcast is my secret weapon on keeping up to date on all things technology.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Checking your email!

We sent an email this week with a number of links in it.  Each link directed you to our youtube channel where you would find short videos that detailed how to reconnect your LiNC equipment.

Here is an example of connecting your Windows XP machine to your ELMO.

Seesaw - Summer 2018

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