Monday, June 18, 2012

ifttt - the automation of my life has begun!

If This Then That
Managing everything can be difficult until now.  This service allows the automation of tasks and delivers the results directly to you.


  1. I love netflix but I never know what was added to the instant cue this week.  I use ifttt to email me the new releases so I just have to scan my email to see if there is anything interesting to watch.
  2. I use twitter all the time on my mobile device. I find so many great ideas but it can be difficult to to capture or remember them.  I now can tag a tweet and it will be automatically saved in my evernote account all through a simple ifttt recipe.

So what does it all really mean?  Take a look at this link to see.
Is this really for me?
Here is a sample of some popular services that are available for automation.

They break this service down in to easy to use recipes.  Just log in with your account information and ifttt takes care of the rest.

I use my gmail account for many things beyond just reading and responding to emails.  I will use my phone to send myself reminders, pictures of important stuff I see but it tends to get lost in my inbox.  (It is currently at 33,757 unread messages.)  I set up the below recipe to help pull the very important emails into evernote.

This is one of my top ten tools.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is this guy better than google?

The Cybraryman has one amazing website.  It isn't full of flashy images and colors but packed with powerful resources.
So... what is the big deal?  Can't I get that from google?
Try it out.
Scroll down the page and look for the search window.

I searched for Lincoln and here are the results.  They appear to be a simple google search but if you look closely you will see the search results are pulled from his website.
I clicked on the Civil War link and this is where it took me.

This is a page full of hand picked sites perfect for the classroom.

The best part?  He does create pages for people who email him.  Will google do that?

Does this blog to facebook connection bug you?

Let us know how you feel about this blog to facebook connection.  It is easy for us to manage but is it easy for the end user?  Do you find yourself skipping what we post because it isn't really a facebook post?

Let us know either way.

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